9 Time-Proven and Tested Ways to Treat Anxiety

Ways to Treat Anxiety

Suffering due to your anxiety disorder shouldn’t be an accepted part of daily life, but unfortunately for many people, it’s reality.

There are many medical prescriptions and treatments available to treat anxiety disorders, but like any medication, they all seem to have undesirable side effects. Because of this, many people have turned to natural treatments to manage their anxiety while avoiding nasty side effects.

“Natural” means any treatment that doesn’t involve intake of any chemical medicine. Herbal therapies are a popular way to treat anxiety and its symptoms without causing any harm. Next time your anxiety symptoms start to overwhelm you, give the following natural methods a try.

1. Kava

Kava, sometimes referred to as kava-kava, is the king when it comes to natural herbal remedies for anxiety and depression.

It has a well-known worldwide recognition for being the best remedy for anxiety. The active ingredient, kavalactone, is known to improve the GABA levels and prevent epinephrine from overpowering the body without touching the serotonin and other important neurotransmitters.

This treatment has shown such promising results that medical experts now advise to avoid any other medication other than kava because the effects are so positive. In addition, taking any other medication or supplements along with kava may become too strong and cause drowsiness.

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