A client is receiving waxing services
Before you grab the tweezers, spread on the wax, or pick up your razor, there are hair removal mistakes to keep in mind before, during, and after your treatment.

Stretching your Blades Too Far

Photo Credit: antpkr / iStockPhoto.com

2. Stretching Your Blades Too Far

Razor blades are less robust than you might imagine. The hot, humid bathroom atmosphere will dull the edge and corrode the metal, and any shaving residue that isn’t washed away after your shave will make things worse for next time.

You might want to stick to a cheaper disposable instead of fancier versions; the blades have limited longevity in both cases (just a few shaves), so unless you’re willing to invest in accessories like an oil soaking solution or blade sharpener, the cheaper solution may bring the best value (and results).

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