8 Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Hair Removal Mistakes

When body hair is a nuisance, you want to get rid of it quickly and completely. However, this is no time for hasty decisions and imprecision. Getting rid of hair may seem like a relatively simple task, but a wrong move can lead to terrible pain, skin damage, and infection.

Before you grab the tweezers, spread on the wax, or pick up your razor, take some expert tips to protect your delicate skin and hair follicles from hair removal mistakes before, during, and after your treatment.

1. Skipping the Exfoliator

Exfoliating is more than sloughing off dead skin cells, it’s about preparing the surface before treatment and preventing problems afterwards. Using a gentle scrub before you shave (or a few days before you wax) will smoothen and soften the surface, warding off ingrown hairs after the hair is removed. Follow up with an alpha hydroxy lotion afterwards, which will take away any stray dead skin so the path is free and clear for the hair to grow back through.

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