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"I’ve found numerous ways to deal with my anxiety that I’d like to share with you."

Grounding Techniques

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2. Grounding Techniques

When I first began having anxiety, my best friend emailed me a link about grounding techniques. Basically, the purpose of grounding techniques is to distract from the irrational thoughts while calming yourself — my favorite is counting.

If I’m feeling anxious and I’m by myself, I’ll close my eyes, breathe, and slowly count to 100, while trying to clear my mind. If I’m in public (because closing my eyes and counting to 100 may look silly), I’ll either take slow, deep breaths and count to 100 in my head, or I’ll find something in the room and count.

For example, I may count the tiles on the ceiling or the number of people wearing hats. I am almost always feeling better by the time I count to 100 or before I can count all the objects.

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