7 Reasons You May Be Struggling to Lose Weight

Struggling to Lose Weight

I, like countless others, can personally attest that losing weight is challenging. While many of us are struggling to lose weight, the reasons why we have such a difficult time losing weight vary. You may already know why you you’re struggling, but there are some factors you might not be aware of that are keeping the pounds on.

Let’s take a look at the many factors that make weight loss a challenge. Some are things that can be changed, while others are simply facts of life.

1. Your Age

It probably comes as no surprise to you that losing weight is harder as we grow older. Most of us are not as active as we were at 20. We often have more pounds to lose and our metabolic rates may have slowed a bit. Age can make a difference and it’s not something we can change. What we can do is be patient and persevere. Usually, as we mature, we get better at both.

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