Adult Coloring: 8 Reasons to Jump on the Bandwagon


Coloring Is Risk-Free

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Coloring Is Risk-Free

If the previous reasons to jump on the adult coloring bandwagon were not convincing enough, consider this: adult coloring is risk-free.

The materials are relatively inexpensive. Many pages can be printed out for free, and coloring books are available online for under $10, or even less than $5.

Although crayons might be the cheapest option, they may not give the control you are looking for in those tight spaces. Choose a reasonably priced set of colored pencils instead with a variety of colors.

For less than $10, you could have a stress-reducing activity established that pays dividends for years to come. It is less physically taxing than yoga and more convenient than weekly therapy appointments.

If you decide adult coloring is not for you, you can walk away at any time, but with a track record of results, you might just stay on the bandwagon.