A mother and daughter are hanging ornaments on a tree
Up to 25 percent of people experience some sort of holiday anxiety or depression. Reducing stress over Christmas requires some planning ahead, staying flexible, depending on your loved ones, and more.

How to Keep Calm, Cool and Collected Throughout the Holiday Season

Up to 25 percent of people experience some sort of holiday anxiety or depression, so if you’re dreading the approaching festivities, you’re certainly not alone. However, there’s no reason that a quarter of the population should be so uneasy, considering how many stress-relieving tools are at your fingertips.

It can take some practice, but learning to plan ahead, adjust your obligations, and be more compassionate toward yourself can go far to making this holiday one to remember (for all the right reasons). Start with these 10 tips for managing stress over Christmas, through the busy stretch ahead and into the New Year.

Prioritize Everything

It may sound vague, and perhaps it’s easier said than done, but simplifying your list of tasks and obligations should be at the top of your list.

It helps to ask yourself whether or not your household/job/relationships/world will collapse if this one thing doesn’t get taken care of. No? Well then, bump it to the bottom of the list.
Prioritizing is an art, but you can learn it quickly when you’re forced to (and the holidays are the perfect push).

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