8 Reasons Why Yoga Is So Good for You

A Physical Health Builder

Photo Credit: da-kuk / iStockPhoto.com

Reasons to Take Up Yoga

Yoga, yoga, yoga — by now it probably seems like yoga is everywhere and being done by everyone to improve their physical and spiritual health.

There are classes for kids, classes for older adults, and there are plenty of options for practicing the skills at home.

Yoga is anything but a fad, though, and it is much more than standing like a tree or humming while you sit cross-legged. For thousands of years, people have been experiencing and documenting the real, profound benefits of yoga.

As it turns out, yoga is more than an exercise for your body; it is an exercise for your mind as well. If you are invested in improving your mental health, physical health, or your overall wellbeing, yoga is for you.

If you need a little more incentive to finally compel you to the practice or to keep you engaged, here are eight yoga benefits with a special focus on the mental health.
Yoga is:

1. A Physical Health Builder

It would be foolish to not delve into the positive effects that yoga can have on your physical health.

The practice is known to build strength while it contributes to your added flexibility, but did you know it can also decrease pain from arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome? It also has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve your sleeping habits.

This means yoga can be helpful for so many people in so many situations, especially people who are unable to do more strenuous forms of exercise due to physical limitations.