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Adding whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats, and more is the first step to eating more healthy foods.

Fresh Organic, Local Produce

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2. Fresh Organic, Local Produce

Fresh, local, organic produce is not only good for your body — it benefits the planet, too. Local food is fresher and more likely to be picked when fully ripe. This means that in addition to great taste, your food will retain more enzymes, vitamins and minerals than foods that are harvested before they are fully ripe and transported over long distances. Apples, onions and potatoes available in regular grocery stores are often more than six months old by the time they get to your table.

The best local produce comes from your own garden. If space is a problem, consider growing vegetables in containers. Many types of vegetables can be grown in small spaces. Alternatively you can check out your local farmers’ market.

Eating locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables also affords you with opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. And while organic local foods may initially seem more expensive to purchase, you will actually save money on health care costs in the future.

Many foods grown commercially are genetically altered or heavily sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers and other toxins. These toxins accumulate in your tissues. They stress the entire body, however they are particularly harmful to your liver, kidneys and skin.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants, such as vitamins C and A. These compounds help to rid the body of free radicals, which promote aging and contribute to the development of cardiovascular illnesses, cancer and many other illnesses. Nutrients in fruits and vegetables help to stabilize and elevate moods.

Think how much better a fresh peach, tomato or ear of corn tastes when compared with the commercial varieties. You can enjoy great taste and know that you are doing your part to stay healthy and take care of the earth by eating local, fresh, organic, seasonal produce.

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