A client is receiving waxing services
Before you grab the tweezers, spread on the wax, or pick up your razor, there are hair removal mistakes to keep in mind before, during, and after your treatment.

Pinching Pennies on Laser Hair Removal

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8. Pinching Pennies on Laser Hair Removal

If you’re really committed to a hairless lifestyle, you may prefer laser treatments over the traditional methods. Take good care to find the right clinician, checking out their certification, and asking how long they’ve been in business. They should want to know your medical history, and be prepared to monitor your specific hair regrowth cycle so they can provide you with the best service. Do your part by committing to a schedule and adjusting your expectations: while it should reduce the amount of hair, laser is not always a permanent solution, and you may have to continue with treatments for a while.

Investing in a few quality, skin-friendly products is never a waste of money, especially if you like to keep your skin as smooth as can be. If you don’t know where to begin, visit a salon or dedicated skin care counter before you decide on a brand — they can help steer you toward the perfect product for your skin type, and your hair removal preferences.

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