Tiara is a freelance writer from North Carolina, with a particular interest in creative and health writing.
    Two people are laying in bed with their feet intwined

    Recognizing the Most Common STDs and STIs

    Nov 27 2015
    The fact that most STIs surface without any symptoms is alarming. Learn how to recognize the most common STDs and STIs and take back control over your life.
    A meat thermometer is measuring the internal heat of a chicken breast

    How to Prevent Food Poisoning

    Nov 23 2015
    Each year, approximately 76 million cases of reported food poisoning are treated in the United States, nearly 5,000 of which prove to be fatal.
    Woman is cleansing and washing her face

    9 DIY Acne Remedies to Avoid

    Nov 16 2015
    There are natural acne remedies that successfully address acne concerns, but some actually work against you. Here are some acne remedies to avoid.
    The definition of BMI in a medical textbook

    Why BMI Isn’t Everything

    Nov 16 2015
    The system for measuring one’s body mass index (BMI) was first developed in the 1830's. Since then, a lot has changed in the realm of health and medicine.