Natalie Saunders

    Natalie Saunders
    Natalie started her career in healthcare at the age of 16 when she took a part-time job working behind the counter at a busy pharmacy. She then trained as a pharmacy technician and worked in various roles in retail and hospital pharmacies throughout the UK. At the age of 23, she decided to retrain as an acupuncturist and three years later graduated with an honors degree in traditional acupuncture. She continued her acupuncture training in China where she lived for three years before returning to the UK to set up her own practice. With a passion for educating the public about health and well-being, Natalie also works as a freelance writer. She has published many articles on healthcare both from a conventional medical and holistic perspective.
    A young is drinking a glass of milk, which is a calcium-rich drink

    Why Is Calcium Good for Our Bodies?

    May 1 2018
    Calcium plays an important role in bone and tooth health, muscle contractions, maintaining blood pressure, ensuring normal blood clotting and more.