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    Medicinal herbs

    14 Common Medicinal Herbs and Their Uses

    Nov 14 2018
    Medicinal herbs may be an effective complementary therapy for various health problems. Here's a look at some common medicinal herbs and their uses.
    Do You Know What Kind of Doctor You Need?

    Do You Know What Kind of Doctor You Need?

    Jun 3 2016
    Many of us have walked into our GP's office, convinced we’re sick. It's usually nothing — but what happens if your doctor thinks it may be something?
    Individual is holding their bloated abdomen

    8 Common Signs of Liver Damage

    May 11 2015
    As liver function begins to decline, you may notice some physical changes in certain areas of your body. Learn about the early signs of liver damage here.
    Patient sitting with hands clasped together

    The 6 Common Symptoms of Kidney Failure

    May 8 2015
    Chronic kidney disease can be subtle and lead to kidney failure without much pain at all. On the other hand, some people experience a pattern of discomfort.
    A child covering his face with his forearm

    8 Tips for Raising Kids With ADHD

    May 8 2015
    ADHD research has uncovered a range of parenting strategies that can help keep symptoms under control. Add these tips to your parenting toolbox.