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2. Falls

Falls are the number one cause of injury to the coccyx. Falls can include anything from a person losing their balance if they are unsteady on their feet to slipping on ice or falling off of a bike.

What to Do About It

First, pinpoint the cause of the fall. If the cause was slipping on ice or something of that nature, there may have been nothing that could have been done to prevent the fall.

However, if a lack of balance or strength is the cause of the fall, enrolling in a physical therapy program to prevent further falls may be very beneficial.

In the immediate post-fall period, treating the pain is important. If the pain is acute, taking pain medication can lessen discomfort. Applying ice to the area for 15-20 minutes, four times per day, may also lessen pain.

A “donut” cushion may also be helpful, as it allows the injured person to relieve pressure while sitting, as the tailbone doesn’t come into contact with the hard surface.

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