4 Causes of Tailbone Pain — and What You Can Do About It


Repetition Injury

Photo Credit: m-gucci / iStockPhoto.com

4. Repetition Injury

This type of coccyx injury is less common. This pain happens because of repetitive straining and friction to the coccyx. Repetition injury to the coccyx is often seen with athletes like cyclists and rowers.

What to Do About It

Prevention can inhibit this type of injury from happening in the first place. For the average person who enjoys these types of sports, including other types of exercise, such as walking, yoga, cardio equipment and weight training, can help reduce the risk of repetition injury.

For athletes who compete in these sports, it can be more difficult. Many hours may need to be spent cycling and rowing.

Cross training will be especially important. This may include incorporating yoga, Pilates, and weight training, which can all build muscle but aid in flexibility. Shortening the duration of the time spent doing the rowing or biking can also be helpful.

Immediately after injury, self-care measures include icing the coccyx, taking medications and using the donut pillow.

After the acute phase of injury, incorporating physical therapy is helpful to return the strength to the area while learning tactics to reduce the risk of future injury.