5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety



Photo Credit: a_crotty / iStockPhoto.com

5. Coffee

For me, coffee is relaxing. The aroma, the taste, the feel of the warm mug in my hands — I instantly have a sense of calm once I hear it percolating.

Hot tea has a similar effect — I brew my tea using a teapot on my stove because I love the process and enjoy hearing the teapot whistling.

Coffee may seem strange to some people — after all, caffeine is a stimulant and for some people may worsen anxiety. The point here is finding a routine that is soothing that can bring about a sense of calm; for me, the process of making coffee or tea is almost as calming as the beverage itself.

Anxiety is a mental illness, so please discuss it with your doctor. Although I use a variety of techniques to manage my anxiety, I have also reached out to my physician.

I take medication and am also in therapy. Mental illness can unfortunately be very stigmatizing — if you need help, please ignore the stigma and seek it.