Water bottles waiting to be delivered.

What is Home Water Delivery?

Are you going through a lot of water at your home? Do you find yourself having to pick up cases of water from the store each week? Have you considered home water delivery? It is sure to make things easier.

Home water delivery in 2019 is as simple as it sounds. Many services will deliver anything from five gallon water jugs, to 24 packs of water bottles. There are companies dedicated solely to water delivery (websites such as Water.com). There are also companies that deliver different products, including water (ReadyRefresh).

Benefits of Home Water Delivery

Convenient for Those Who Work at Home

Having your water delivered can be extremely convenient. It can benefit a lot of different people in both the home and office space.

For those who are looking to order water to their homes, they will find it can be very useful. Gone are the days where you must lug them home from the store along with everything else.

More Accessible Source of Clean Water

This also makes clean water more accessible. Unfortunately, there are places where water is not safe for people to drink. In places where water has been tainted by lead or other dangerous materials, they find themselves relying on bottled water.

However, people in these situations need a significant amount of water to survive, beyond the means of just drinking. Not only do they need to replace the water they need for drinking, but they also need to replace the water they use for bathing and cooking as well.

This can mean a lot of trips to a store and stores in that area may already be running low due to high demand. This is one of the dire situations where having clean water delivered to your home can be extremely helpful. This is especially the case if you need to wait for your drinking water to be cleaned of contaminants.

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No Need to Pull Your Weight

This is also extremely beneficial for people who may struggle with walking or carrying heavy objects. For those who are disabled, this can make a crucial difference. When using a water delivery service, you can ensure that you receive the water you need without putting your safety or health at risk.

Good for Those Without Proper Plumbing

Lastly, this also can be beneficial for those in rural areas without access to plumbing. Having a consistent water delivery to your home can save you a lot of time and energy. Now, it is no longer needed to go into town or somewhere else to get water when it can be shipped right to your door.

Price Ranges of Home Water Delivery

The prices for water delivery are often influenced by location, the type of water and the amount that you are ordering regularly. For example, in New York, purified water can go for about $7.49 per a five gallon jug. The large jugs tend to be more of a bang for your buck, so if you are trying to save money, that may be the more viable option. However, if you prefer the convenience of having individual water bottles, you can get a 24 pack of half liter bottles for about $6.49.

Other types of water like mineral water, spring water and sparkling water tend to come at a higher price premium. For example, while a case of regular bottles may cost $6.49, a case of LaCroix may cost $11.99 for a 24 pack (at 12oz per can).

Unlike a five gallon jug of regular water, a jug of spring water that is only 2.5gal could cost you more than $20 per jug!

The prices in your area may be different depending on both your location and the service that you are choosing.

Is Home Water Delivery for You?

Home water delivery can provide a level of convenience and comfort for almost anyone, however, there is no doubt that those in certain situations may benefit more from this than others.