Sheree McDonald

    Sheree McDonald
    Sheree McDonald is a freelance writer, editor and overall word enthusiast. She enjoys crafting well-researched content that educates and provokes discussion. When she isn't writing, her time is spent exploring the great outdoors of Idaho with her family or cracking open the newest book in her collection.
    A man and a woman are brushing their teeth

    What Are Cavities and What Causes Them?

    Jul 19 2018
    What are cavities? Cavities refer to the decay of your teeth. Decay occurs when the enamel softens, and bacteria settle into the crevices in the teeth.
    Acupuncture is being performed on a stomach

    Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant?

    Jul 13 2018
    Before you consider trying acupuncture for fertility issues as a treatment option, you need to do your own research on acupuncture and fertility first.
    A baby is drinking from their bottle

    Is It Better to Breastfeed or Bottle Feed?

    May 21 2018
    Breastfeeding vs. formula, which one is better? We examine the differences between breastfeeding and formula feeding so parents can make the right choice.