Jeanie Davis

    Jeanie Davis
    Jeanie L. Davis is a freelance health/medical journalist and copywriter. Her health writing expertise and her “medical education” come from the editorial trenches of top hospitals, medical research centers, online health journalism, and medical publishing—including 9 years as a WebMD daily news reporter, writing over 3000 news and feature articles. As a freelancer, she writes for many websites in the health/medical space.
    Parent and child are shopping at a supermarket

    28 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy Every Day

    Aug 9 2018
    Looking for advice on how to eat healthy? These tips can help make your diet healthier, help you lose weight, and reduce the risk of medical problems.
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    What to Eat and Not Eat Before a Workout

    Jun 29 2018
    If you're looking for fuel to help you get the most out of your work out, here's what to eat before a workout and what not to eat before a workout.