Woman is cleansing and washing her face
Picking at your skin, using toothpaste, and making homemade acne remedies could be the result of increased acne.


Photo Credit: lovleah / iStockPhoto.com

2. Toothpaste

“It dries the pimple out.”

That was the claim made by an infinite number of teens seen with specks of toothpaste dabbed around their face. Although it’s unclear if anyone has ever experienced real results from this remedy, one thing is certain today: you should avoid it.

The chemicals added to toothpaste to aid with tartar control serve as a source of nourishment for the bacteria that actually causes acne. Placing toothpaste on top of your pimples inadvertently feeds and spreads the bacteria.

Aside from this, toothpaste is also known for causing inflammation around the affected area, irritating it, turning it red, and in some cases, leading to perioral dermatitis, a condition that produces red, itchy patches around the nose and mouth.

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